Voor innerlijke kracht

International Consults


BOUGAINVILLE is specialized in helping people from other countries making feel comfortable staying or living in the Netherlands. As a former expat myself, with experiences abroad mainly in France, I can easily feel and understand how hard it can be to live in a country that Is not one's own. Former experiences, relationships and feelings still affect our daily life and may even become bigger while living in a foreign country. Deeper needs ask for attention and affection to be heard.

Highly Sensitive Persons

Especially for highly sensitive persons the migration to a foreign country can affect enormously the emotions and thoughts on a deeper level and the need can arise to listen to one's inner feelings. BOUGAINVILLE is helping people getting back their strengths and wisdom and making people become more clear and bright and shiny inside by listening to their inner wisdom and inner strength.

Individual Consults

In individual consults in ENGLSIH, FRENCH or GERMAN people from other countries are invited to share their experiences, their worries and their problems with living abroad in a foreign country. Other more specific individual problems such as HIGH LY SENSITIVITY, TRAUMA (EMDR), COMPLICATED GRIEF and THE LOSS OF A BELOVED PERSON are welcome to be shared and cherished.

Group sessions

Group sessions are very much wished for expats, who want to share their experiences with living abroad, coping with foreign people, another country and other ways of living and habits. Feelings of alienation and sometimes even depression will be discussed and intuitive exercises will be done to strengthen one's own deeper inner connections and to brighten up one's inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. People become more connected to who they really are and what they really want.

INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES are also welcome at BOUGAINVILLE to organize some group sessions for their employees in ENGLISH, FRENCH or GERMAN to strengthen or brighten up their people in the field of career counseling or the development of intuitive skills. Please feel welcome at Bougainville.

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